[Skin Food] Fresh Apple Pore Pack

[Skin Food] Fresh Apple Pore Pack
Product from korea

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[Skin Food] Fresh Apple Pore Pack


[Skin Food] Fresh Apple Pore Pack

A wash-off mask pack that immediately shrinks enlarged and saggy pores, and makes your pores pretty.

The excellent pore shrinking effect of fresh apple peel discovered by SKINFOOD.

(Patent Registration No. 10-1194767 A cosmetic composition containing fresh apple extract that shrinks pores and inhibits sebum secretion)

Includes Chojeong-ri sparkling water, one of the top 3 mineral waters in the world.

Contains Pore Tightening Complex.

(Food complex containing persimmon, chestnut shell and green tea extracts that are known to provide a pore shrinking effect)








[How to Use]

Apply evenly onto the face and rinse with lukewarm water after 15-20 minutes.