Nature Republic Real Nature Ampoule

Nature Republic Real Nature Ampoule
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 Nature Republic Real Nature Ampoule


[Nature Republic] Real Nature Ampoule

#02 Honey : Super moisturizing essence found from nature.

Manuka Honey extract moisturizes the dry and parched skin. Honey Contains 1,000ppm.

#03 Rose : Elasticity-strengthening ampoule found from nature.

Makes the skin smooth and elastic. The improvements in the wrinkle of the skin. Damask rose water contains 1,250ppm.

#04 Olive : Nourishment-supplying ampoule found from nature.

Olives are rich in nutrients fills the rough skin nourishing ampoule which adds a healthy shine to help hydrate the skin.

Soft absorbed without stickiness. Olive oil contains 1,000ppm.

#05 Lotus :Whitening ampoule found from nature



#02 Honey, #03 Rose, #04 Olive, #05 Lotus





[How to Use]

After using toner, apply 2-3 droplets all over the face in a gentle tapping motion.