HERA Homme CC Cream - 50ml SPF35 PA++

HERA Homme CC Cream - 50ml SPF35 PA++
Product from korea

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Brand: HERA
 HERA Homme CC Cream - 50ml SPF35 PA++
Essence CC Cream for men : to improve men's bare skin tone.
Moist texture delivering all the effectiveness of an essence.
With 50% Men's Abcell based essence, it glides on the skin like a skincare
product to leave the skin feeling moist, smooth and comfortable,
like forming a moisture barrier on the skin.
For naturally great looking skin.
It covers the pores, wrinkles and skin imperfections to create smooth,
glowing skin for men, while forming a fine, clean barrier on the skin
to treat pores and sebum and keep the skin soft.
Triple multi functional product.
It not only protects the skin from harmful UV rays, whitens the skin
and reduces wrinkles, but also delivers a complex of vegetable extracts
into the skin to make men's skin firmer, smoother and energized.
How to use
Take out a 0.5cm sized amount of CC CREAM on the back of your hand
after using your usual skincare products.
Dab it in a thin, even layer with your fingertips starting from the forehead
to the nose, cheeks and chin, working from the inside outwards.
Use the facial cleansing product after use.
- Options :
#01 Natural Beige
#02 Dark Beige
- Condition : NEW
- Contents : 50ml SPF35 PA++