CLIO Salon De Cara - 8ml

CLIO Salon De Cara - 8ml
Product from korea

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Brand: CLIO
CLIO Salon De Cara - 8ml


Hair Roll Brush delivers dramatic full volume with just one touch.
Ballon Hollow Powder allows a mega volume finish with an airy touch.
Waterproof film helps lashes last all day without smudging and you can easily wash it off with warm water.


How to use

Sweep in zigzag the eyelash from the root with this brush. 
If you divide the area by front, tail, and center to apply, you can get more rich and vivid lash.


- Type : #01 Hair Roll Cara, #02 Roll Brush Cara, #03 Finger Cara


- Condition : New


- Contents : 8ml