BLITHE Blue Zone Marine Intensive Mask - 1pcs

BLITHE Blue Zone Marine Intensive Mask - 1pcs
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BLITHE  Blue Zone Marine Intensive Mask - 1pcs
The Abalone Sheet Mask contains abalone
extract with minerals, proteins, and amino acids
to protect even the most sensitive skin.
It provides deep and thorough hydration to dry skin
with hyaluronic acid and biosaccharid gum-1,
known for its excellent moisture holding ability.
Fructan and marine collagen help to make skin soft
and moist by controlling oil balance.

Sea Cucumber
The Sea Cucumber Mask helps to brighten the skin tone
with a blend of niacinamide and sea cucumber extract,
which known as ‘ginseng of the sea’
for its radiance-boosting benefits
and relaxing properties.
Sea daffodil extracts helps protect skin
from environmental damage,
like extreme weather or dryness,
to revitalise dull skin and reveal a clearer complexion.
How to use
After cleansing,
apply the mask to your face
and leave it on for 15-20 minutes.
Take off the mask gently and let the remaining essence
absorb into your face by lightly patting it.
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