BEYOND THE REMEDY Remedy Talks Body Cleanse - 500ml

BEYOND THE REMEDY Remedy Talks Body Cleanse - 500ml
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BEYOND THE REMEDY Remedy Talks Body Cleanse - 500ml
A body soap with Cleanse Juice™ full or energy of fruits
and roots for clean and healthy body skin!

#Fine Root
This body soap containing extracts from bright yellow pineapple full of vitamin
and ginger that invigorates skin helps you skin recover the lively energy.
Take a shower which makes you feel sweet with a ripe, sweet,
juicy pine apple grown under a flood of warm, soft sunshine!

#Root Ruby
The pink body soap enriched with extracts from tomato packed
with the strong energy of the sun and beet, called the ruby of the ground,
leaves a lingering refreshing and sweet fragrance all over your body after wash.
Its sweet sour bubble gum fragrance will awaken your senses while refreshing body!

This body soap containing extracts from fresh orange with a pop of sweet sour juice
and red-yellow carrot extract rich in phyto chemical deeply cleanses your skin
leaving it looking lively with a vigor just like when do go for a juice cleanse.
Start off your morning freshly with a refreshing fragrance
of orange juice squeezed out just now!

The epitome of hydration, coconut ingredient and yam extract abundant
in nutrition provide deep hydration to body skin for a silky smooth result.
Indulge yourself with a gentle embracement of deep coconut scent
with coziness in shower!

#Super Greenery
Lime extract with a burst of refreshing fruit juice and green vitamin bomb,
fresh wheat sprout extracts purify body skin cleanly for refreshment.
Enjoy a greenery relaxing treatment of this refreshing,
herbal aroma like a therapeutic walk through the deep forest!
How to use
Take an appropriate amount of the product and lather sufficient foam.
Softly massage into the entire body an rinse thoroughly.
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#Fine Root
#Root Ruby
#O Carrot
#Super Greenery
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