A'PIEU Twinkle Star Pencil Gel Liner - 0.3g

A'PIEU Twinkle Star Pencil Gel Liner - 0.3g
Product from korea

Delivery date: 2 weeks
Brand: APIEU
A'PIEU Twinkle Star Pencil Gel Liner - 0.3g


: Various pearl like star powder scattered
creates glittering eye look.
: Contains avocado oil and jojoba oil to minimize
dryness by makeup.
: Easy blending texture that can be used for both
eyeliner and eye shadow.
: Built in sharpener remains sharp pencil lead
to create thin and delicate line.



How to use



01. After your base makeup, adjust oil of eyes
with powder or shadow.
02. Draw eye line with a gel liner to the
mucous thoroughly and closely.
03. Draw line to the underneath, head of
eyes and cute eye area like highlight applied.
04. Wait until silicon oil volatilizes
completely and content fixes (around 10 seconds),
finish eye makeup.
05. Re-apply similar type of shadow thinly to
remain makeup without smudging for hours.
06. Must close a cap to prevent volatilization
of content.


- Options :


#01 Black 24K
#02 Gray Diamond
#04 Brown Champagne
#05 Pink Star
#06 Brown Luster
#07 Glam Beige
#11 Black Gel
#13 Bronzing Brown
#14 Pink Laser
#15 Sparkle Beige


- Condition : New


- Contents : 0.3g