A'PIEU Pocket Girl Mini Brush

A'PIEU Pocket Girl Mini Brush
Product from korea

Delivery date: 2 weeks
Brand: APIEU
A'PIEU Pocket Girl Mini Brush


Mini size to place in small pouch.

Easy to carry for make up anytime anywhere.

Fine and soft special brush with no irritation on the skin.

Special rich fur tension gives powder type products clear and silky look with one touch

Includes pocket to keep brush clean anytime and anywhere



How to use



1. Touch gently from center of the cheeks to outward.

2. For shading make up, start from side, forehead and chin brushing gently for slim shading effect.

1. When brush is dirty, use soap or brush cleanser to wash, cold or lukewarm water rinse thoroughly.

2. Using towel or brush press gently the wet brush to remove water, brush fur gently and place in cool area to dry completely.

* Brush fur may change on hot water, rinse with lukewarm water.


- Condition : New



- Contents : 1ea