A'PIEU Marker Pen Tint - 4.5g

A'PIEU Marker Pen Tint - 4.5g
Product from korea

Delivery date: 2 weeks
Brand: APIEU
A'PIEU Marker Pen Tint - 4.5g
3 way spoon shape marker tip gives perfect lip make up look.Keeps face lightening vivid color 
for long hours.Fruit scent gives sweet feeling with refreshment.
How to use
1. On lips apply using tip from center.2. For full color draw delicate lip line.3. Apply 
naturally on top.* Apply when lips are dry.

- Options :#RD01 Lazy Red#PK01 Pick Up Pink#OR01 All Day Orange#CR01 Call Me Coral
- Options :
#RD01 Lazy Red
#PK01 Pick Up Pink
#OR01 All Day Orange
#CR01 Call Me Coral
#RD02 Punch Red
#CR02 Hug Me Coral
- Condition : NEW
- Contents : 4.5g