A'PIEU - Eye Glitter

A'PIEU - Eye Glitter
Product from korea

Delivery date: 2 weeks
Brand: APIEU
A'PIEU - Eye Glitter
Liquid type glitter sticking with moisture
I filled the water base with glitter and pearl.
You can feel water-specific cooling by water dispersion formulation.
Long Lasting Glitter
Convenient Applicator
It can be used comfortably anywhere in the eyelids, under the eyes.
You can make more careful.
[How to use]
Draw along eye lines and blend over eyelids.

After the eye makeup, point it in the middle of the eyelid and pat it.

Please draw and apply lightly to give the Eyes.

* Please shake it before use.
- Options :
#01 Sparkling Snow
#02 Glitter Ball
#03 Shine Bright
#04 City Of Star
#05 Eternal Breeze
#06 Frozen Space
#07 Lost Planet
- Condition : NEW
- Contents : 4.5g