A'PIEU Base Maker - 20g

A'PIEU Base Maker - 20g
Product from korea

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Brand: APIEU
A'PIEU Base Maker - 20g
#101 Glow SPF15 PA++
#102 Bboyan / #103 Pink / #104 Green SPF30 PA++
Gives originally bright skin with natural enhancement.
Soft moisture base light, clean fresh skin express.
Cover pores and reduce curves before BB / Foundation use for silky perfect skin fit.

#201 Vanilla Beige / #202 Light Beige / #203 Natural Beige SPF37 PA++
Moisture soft liquid type, using small amount gives perfect skin express.
Light and thin fit for silky skin change. Gives silky skin texture base look.
Double layer powder gives even cover on curves and blemishes for perfect cover on own skin.
How to use
Use right amount to apply thin and evenly onto skin.
- Options :
#101 Glow
#102 Bboyan
#103 Pink
#104 Green
#201 Vanilla Beige
#202 Light Beige
#203 Natural Beige
- Condition : NEW
- Contents : 20g